Over Due Update

Since supposedly ceasing work on ET:QW mapping I've worked on some new maps such as Brinstar and Wake Island and a port of the ET map Battery for the mod Wolf:MP

ET:QW Mapping Roundup

All good things must come to an end and so it's good bye to my mapping efforts in ET:QW.

Here's a list of all the maps I've done in ET:QW and which version they managed to get to:

Map Name Map Status

Canal & Tourian Releases

The first public betas of both Canal and Tourian have recently been released. Check out the map pages here and here

Maridia Coverage

The map Maridia was recently featured in the latest edition of Snap to Grid, a series of Blogs over at SplashDamage that focuses on the efforts of mappers and modders within ET:QW. Check out the Blog here.

Also last week I took part in an intereview with the chaps over at enemyterritory.tv about Maridia, Check out the interview here.

Maridia Beta 2 Release

After some modifications based on the feedback from various sources the latest version of Maridia is released, for more information check out the map page.

Meltdown Beta 2 Release

After a fair few fixes beta 2 of Meltdown has been released upon the public for more information check out the map page.

Meltdown also recently featured in the first of a new series of Blogs over at SplashDamage, entitled 'Snap to Grid' it focuses on the efforts of mappers within ET:QW, click here to read more.


After a fair few months in development, Meltdown , a map which is aimed at the competition scene, is nearing it's first public release, watch this space for more information!

Click here for more info and screenshots

Battle of Wolken 6 Portal Released

After long time of nothingness Wolken 6 is now available for download.
The last chapter of the Enemy Territory map series involves the Allies attempting to over take a portal site from the Axis forces.
You can download the map from ETStuff
More mirrors to be added on the map page.

Battle of Wolken mod in the pipeline

Yes that's right Battle of Wolken will be getting its own modification some time in the future. The mod will most likely be made for the upcoming Wolfenstein game which may be a long way to release but will give me plenty of time to harness my own skills and to build up contacts that can be called upon when the mod is started. The basic story of the mod and intended features have already been drawn up and can be viewed in the Background section. I will keep you posted on the planning side of things as time progresses.

W:ET Map Updates

Just a reminder of the progress of all 6 maps and what stage they are all at

Map Name Map Status
Wolken 1
Wolken 2
Wolken 3
Wolken 4
Wolken 5
Public First Playable
Wolken 6
Public Beta1

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